Course Type:CE Elective
Course:CMA Confidence In An Imperfect World
Course Schedule: CMA Confidence In An Imperfect World
Course Price:$59.00
Instructor:Tom Mangum
General Notes:
Time:2:15 PM - 6:15 PM
Date:5/9/2018 - 5/9/2018
Days of the Week:Wednesday
Credit Hours:4
Location:4701 Atlantic Ave Ste 141
Raleigh NC 27604
Frustrated with doing a CMA? Don’t understand why it’s so difficult? Want to understand why the appraiser doesn’t consider multiple offers? Gathered from real estate agents across the country, this course answers the top 20 questions about a CMA. This is important because this process has been incredibly confusing for agents and yet doing a CMA is an integral part of our business. In this course we discuss the myths surrounding the CMA, provide a step-by-step system, discover a process for selecting comparables, and answer the age-old question, “Where do you get adjustments?”. The benefit to you is a higher level of competence and as a result, confidence with a CMA.