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36 Seth Chauncey
ONLINE: Via Zoom
General Update
Credit Hours: 4
8/21/2024 - 8/21/2024 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Wednesday | Seth Chauncey $65.00
ONLINE: Via Zoom
When No One Is Watching-Ethics Elective
Credit Hours: 4
8/28/2024 - 8/28/2024 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Wednesday | Seth Chauncey $65.00
ONLINE: Via Zoom
Credit Hours: 4
9/11/2024 - 9/11/2024 | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Wednesday | Seth Chauncey $65.00
ONLINE: Via Zoom
General Update
Credit Hours: 4
9/16/2024 - 9/16/2024 | 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM | Monday | Seth Chauncey $65.00
What is included in my tuition?

The tuition for one of our CE courses includes the course book and any necessary supplemental material.

What should I bring with me to class?

Please bring pocket card issued to you by the NCREC with you to check-in before class. In class, you will need to have paper, pens/pencils and highlighters for taking notes.

As stated by the NCREC, the annual license renewal pocket card issued by the Commission to each licensee shall be retained by the licensee as evidence of licensure. Each licensee shall carry his or her pocket card on his or her person at all times while engaging in real estate brokerage and shall produce the card as proof of licensure whenever requested.

What is the attendance policy?

You are required to attend at least 90% of the class that you select, meaning that you cannot miss more than 24 minutes of class. HPW Real Estate School will submit the completion reports to the NCREC for credit within 7 days.

When is course completion reported to the NCREC?

Upon completing the class, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your records. The HPW Real Estate School will report the course completion to the NCREC within 7 days. You do not need to take any action to report the completion to the NCREC.

What if I am unable to attend or complete the course?

If the school receives written notice of the your intent to withdraw from a course at least one week prior to the scheduled beginning date of the course for which enrolled, all money deposited with the School will be returned in full.

There shall be no refunds of student fees or materials if you fail to attend the course and are considered a "no show", or if you attend any portion of the course but do not meet the attendance requirement.

General Update (GENUP) 2019-20

This is the "mandatory" update course for anyone who is NOT currently a BIC or BIC Eligible. This year’s course addresses: Law and Rule Updates, Material Facts, Contract and Agency Issues, Property Management and a Licensing and Education Review. Come and take this course from us and learn the important aspects of all of these topics.

Broker-In-Charge Update (BICUP) 2019-20

If you were a BIC as of July 1, 2019 this is the update course you are to take. Come take your BICUP course from instructors who can really teach you about the important details of the following topics that are important to BIC’s. This year we will address: Law & Rule Updates, Disclosure of Material Facts, Contract and Agency Issues, Property Management and Licensing and Education Review.

Scruples and the Code of Ethics

Have you taken your ethics course yet this 4 year cycle??? This course meets the Realtors 4-year requirement for ethics. If you are a member of the National Association of Realtors you must take an approved ethics course every 4 years with the current 4 year cycle ending December 31st, 2016. This is our new ethics course and is designed to share some unique theories of ethical decision making and is presented in ways to make the learning fun and informative.

CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World

New this year and this course addresses one of the most frustrating areas of real estate practice, We asked students nationwide what was the most frustrating things about the CMA process and we narrowed the responses down to 20 and this course addresses them all. We cover everything from recent NC law and rules changes to how to look at comparables in a new and beneficial way. Of course we also address adjustments and several ways to look at these that were not typically covered in Pre & Post Licensing courses. This course contains so much great material it could easily be a 6 hour course. But then, we always try to over deliver!!!!

The Millennials are Coming…RU Ready?

This was one of our most popular courses last year and we are glad to bring it back. The Millennial generation rivals the Baby Boomers in size and is the next big wave of buyers and sellers to impact the real estate market. Come learn about this young group who will impact the way you will need to conduct business unlike any generation before it. This course explores how your traditional ways of communicating with clients may not work when it comes to this technology savvy group of customers. We will also address how to best select housing that will appeal to and meet the needs of a generation whose views of residential real estate have been formed during times of valuation declines, mortgage problems, and historically low interest rates. This is the one course that you will wish that you had taken in the years to come.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions

This course addresses the area of distressed mortgages and the various tools and rules that an agent needs to possess in order to handle these challenging transactions. Come and let Tom present this information in a unique and logical way that breaks down these confusing elements and helps you understand how they all fit together. This course contains very timely information for today’s economic environment.

Winning at Win-Win

Win-Win does not mean equal. This is important to understand in a real estate transaction because our clients don’t necessarily see win-win as a positive. But the agent knows that for at least 30 days we are in a relationship with the other party and they need to be happy or they will cause trouble for our client. So how does the agent create the feeling of winning for the other party while still promoting the best interest of our client? That’s what you will learn in this continuing education course, Winning at Win-Win. The agent will discover a step-by-step formula for guiding his/her client through a successful negotiation. The benefit is all parties achieving their goals. . This course uses a buyer transaction to demonstrate the formula but the knowledge can be applied to any transaction; real estate or other negotiating events.

Fundamentals of Residential Investing

Why do you show all the great investment deals to your clients instead of taking advantage of those opportunities for yourself? Come take this course as Tom explains how to properly analyze those investment opportunities and decide if they fit your investment plan or not. Your instructor has been an active investor in residential properties since he was in college and will teach you how to engage in investing for yourself therefore making you better suited to assist your clients in purchasing investment properties for themselves. Remember, most buyers will only need one house to live in but may be willing to invest in several investment properties therefore increasing your sales. Besides…wouldn’t this help you with your retirement plans?

Risky Business

Come join us in this fun, fact-filled discussion of many of the key issues that real estate agents face. We will address many topics that are the leading causes of complaints against agents as well as the primary issues relating to errors and omissions. This is an excellent review of information that every practicing broker needs to know.

The Staging Advantage

This is the staging course that everyone is talking about! Created and taught by one of the industry’s top talents, this course covers in-depth principles of home staging. Learn the fundamentals of home staging so that you can educate your clients about the concepts, benefits, and statistics of "staging to sell" in order to reduce time on the market and maximize profits. You need every advantage in the marketplace today to sell your listings…and this is just the course that can help you to do that.

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