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Student Resources

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"Welcome to the Student Resources section. This section was created to help you make the most of preparing for your exam. I suggest that Broker Pre-Licensing students download all of the Practice Exams, License Law materials and Quick Notes. I’ve found that it is most helpful for students to study the License Law section extensively, even ahead of when your class will study this chapter. Good luck in your studies and in your career!"

Broker Post-Licensing

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      Broker Pre-Licensing Students

      These resources are specially designed for students in our Broker-Pre Licensing classes. Please print these resources and use them as a valuable study tool. You'd rather save your paper and ink? We offer the complete printed package at HPW Real Estate School for just $10! Just drop them in your binder and you're ready to go!

        General Information


          Test yourself with hundreds of questions testing both national and state specific content. This tool offers a custom quiz functionality which allows you to build-your-own-exam with immediate results to track progress, identifies areas for further review, and helps conquer test-taking anxiety. And because the QBank is online, you can access it anytime, anywhere it is convenient for you!
          Exam Prep  North Carolina Exam Review QBank v1.0


          This Qbank is designed for those who need to study for the state portion of the NC exam only. It features hundreds of multiple choice questions and builds exams using the topics and number of questions you select along with answer explanations.
          Exam Prep   North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v1.0