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Team Member Bio

Katherine Buchholz Instructor

Katherine Buchholz is a resident of Raleigh and a graduate of Appalachian State University and UNCW. She was a full-time residential real estate broker in the Triangle before becoming the Education Officer for the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Now, Katherine is a real estate instructor. In her previous life as an English teacher, she taught middle school, high school and community college in North Carolina, London, England; and Washington, D.C..

When not in the classroom, Katherine most prefers to be at home with her very patient boyfriend, her two well-behaved kittens, Archie and Oliver, and her two badly-socialized chihuahuas, Goliath and Josephine, watching movies, enjoying the backyard or sewing and crafting. If she figures out how to fit a pool table in her house, she claims that she "will have achieved nirvana".